How you’re holding yourself back

How long have you wanted to change your health to the better? How many times have you tried but fell off after a while or reach a roadblock that stopped you from the finish line? It may feel like there is something that’s holding you back or something that’s preventing you to actually reach your health goals.

The main priority of your body, mind & spirit is to keep you SAFE. If you subconsciously think something is dangerous or will take you out of the space where you are comfortable (aka safe), it’s a no. Unless you consciously re-frame these thoughts or push yourself to do it. Once that is done, your body will be like “oh but that wasn’t too bad after all”.

These are the two things that are holding you back from reaching your health goal:

  1. Not believing you’re worth it

Your subconscious has more power over your body than you may think. If you don’t think you are worthy of the goal you have then you will in some way sabotage it for yourself. It can be finding excuses, looking for the wrong opportunities, reading signs as bad omens etc.

2. Not believing that you can do it

From birth, you have created your own self imagine shaped from internal and external sources. You have a way of looking at yourself and saying “this is how I am”. If your goal is not matching that image and you haven’t consciously tried to replace it, you will be holding yourself back. For example, if you have always seen yourself as “big boned”, losing weight won’t match your “image”. So in some way, you will be holding yourself back. 

Question: What’s the story you keep telling yourself? Do you truly believe you can reach your goals? What’s that voice in your head saying about you?

The way you can overcome these obstacles is to work on your beliefs. Think about a friend that could have the same goal as you have, would you say they deserve to reach it? Would you cheer them on and say “you can do it!”? Then that’s the approach you want for yourself. 

Exercise: Take some time and visualise your goals, try and picture yourself in the situation where you have reached them. How do you look in that situation and how does that make you feel? Connect with those deep feelings. If there are any negative emotions coming up, then write them down and analyse them. Where are they coming from and how can you form them into something positive? 

Every time you have doubts, reconnect to that visualization and those feelings. Feeling those goals in the core of your body will reprogram your subconscious mind.

Affirmation: I’m worthy, I’m deserving. I hold the power to be anything I desire to be.

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