Boosting Green smoothie

I’m sure you’ve heard the benefits of green juice by now. It’s a trend that has been floating around for a while and slowly taking over the spotlight from sweet smoothies. However, most green juices that you buy out is not always the healthiest. The base is normally made from apples which makes the juice higher in fruit sugar then the nutrition you get from green vegetables. By making it yourself, you can be sure that you get all of the green goodness in your body! Plus adding some greens powders to it will boost it up to the next level.

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Chia seeds
Organic Spirulina, Avazera
Organic Moringa, Avavera

Directions: Simply mix it all together in a blender and enjoy as it is or with a couple of ice cubes.

Keep in mind that drinking it ice cold, you will create a contrast to the temperature in your stomach. It is more gentle to have it as it is.

Note: the reason I haven’t added exact ingredients is that it’s all up to your taste buds and your body’s needs. If you are new to green juices then I would recommend you to keep the fibre intake (chia seeds and the powders) on a lower scale until your stomach get used to it.

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