Find the root to your symptom

Everything is connected and bonded together. From the inside of your stomach, your hormones, feelings and your mind. These are internal factors. We also have external factors. Your relationships, career, home environment, love life etc. If one area is out of balance other parts will also be affected.

One example: If you feel stressed out at work it can put an imbalance to your sleep and you feel restless at night, waking up still feeling tired and during the day you have little energy and no motivation. With less rest at night, the body starts craving it from other sources such as empty carbohydrates and sugary food. This can later affect your mood and you may have less patience, struggle to stay positive and generally start to feel a bit down. This will, in turn, affect people around you such as family, friends and your partner. Now even more stress has been built up around you, you might find that you start cancelling training sessions, all healthy eating habits are gone, and you start putting on weight. Pressure on one area can quickly lead to imbalances in so many others.

This is something I have experienced myself so many times. Right now in my life there are a lot of changes happening. I was stuck at a job that didn’t fulfil my passion and with an environment that felt toxic. My living situation was not how I wished it to be. A few close people around me took a lot more energy than they were giving. My business was not moving at the pace I wished it would. All these factors together had a huge impact on my health. My normally happy and positive self, turned to impatient, easily irritated and generally in a poor mood. Quality and quantity of sleep went down. My hormones ended up being all over the place and I gained weight, my skin started to break out and my female health was affected. I lacked motivation to exercise, work flow was affected and I had hardly any interest in keeping up with my studies.

In today’s society we believe in quick fixes, ideally in a tablet form. Look at the first example about stress at work. You could simple ask your doctor for sleeping tablets or calming medications. They would most likely keep your nervous system in a better state and make it easier for you. But would they really take away the problem? Don’t think so. Numbing the symptoms does not take them away, it only hides them. If you have weed in your garden, trimming it down will make it look nice but in a few weeks it will grow back up. You will have to keep trimming it down regularly to keep your garden looking fresh. What if you instead of trimming it down, actually pulled it out with the root. It’s a harder job than simply cutting it but would it grow back? It’s the same concept when it comes to our health. Instead of asking your doctor for medications to help you with the stress you’re dealing with at work, maybe it’s time to actually address the issue. How could you make your work situation less stressful? In my case I decided to quit my job. I’m not saying that this is the answer to everyone’s situations but it fell in alignment with my needs and supported my health.

Now look at your life and see what areas may be out of balance for you. Maybe you’re struggling with one of your relationships, or your home environment needs a touch up, maybe you’re not living in alignment with your beliefs or you might be longing for a well-deserved holiday. Whatever it may be, find the root cause and start the treatment. In the same way a negative imbalance can affect other areas, a positive rebalance has a remarkable effect on your overall health.

As a holistic health coach, looking at external and internal sources is the foundation to my practice. I don’t believe in putting a bandage over the issue is a long term solution, instead I will guide you to find a way to fix it at the source. Quick fixes only leads to short solutions. Think about how long it will take until you are bored of replacing that bandage and how much money will you end up spending. If you’re really unlucky, an infection might start to spread too. All because you picked the easy way out. If you are tired of covering up the symptoms and you believe there is a root to pull out, but not sure on how to do so, please reach out to me. With the right support and guidance, you can treat the root cause and start improving the health of your life. If it’s contently on your mind, it’s time to take action. You deserve to feel happy, vibrant and energised!

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