I promised the moon

 I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine. One early morning in fall, I was out on my morning walk. It was a very cold and dark morning, you could feel winter was on its way. This particular morning I couldn’t keep up my normal paste, my attention was drawn to the moon. A beautiful clear full moon was above me, shining so bright that it lit up the dark sky. I have always been very drawn to the moon, not sure why, there is just something about it that really fascinating to me.

I had around this time start question what my goal was for the future. All of my time was spread out to various tasks without any actual plan in place. My energy was running low and I felt like maybe I should give up, settle for something simple and less ambitious. My inner mean girl had started to blame myself for not working hard enough and that I would never reach my goals. You know all those negative things that we tell ourselves.

Half way through my walk I suddenly stopped in my tracks and stared right up in the sky. With no people around me and the silence on an early morning. I placed both my hands on my chest, just above my heart. Out loud I told the moon my biggest dreams. A clear explanation with all the juicy details. I closed my eyes for e second, soaking up the moment and felt the rush of excitement running through my body. My attention felt on the moon again and with a smile on my lips I said ‘I promise I will make my dreams come true’. 

Now you may think I’m a bit crazy, I get it, but hear me out. When you have a dream or a goal that is so far outside your comfort zone it will feel a bit overwhelming. Your inner mean girl will start shooting out reasons why you never will reach it and start brining you down. When the doubting voice takes over the space in your head, your dreams will slowly start to fade. Because you never shared your desires with someone, no one will ever know that you are about to give up or that you once had a dream that you actually did give up on.

The biggest mistakes you can make when having a dream:
1. Let your inner voice bring you down
2. Not telling anyone about it

When you set yourself up for new goals, missions and dreams, having someone to stay accountable to is one of the most important things you can do. If there is no one to share what you are aiming for, then there is no one that can help to pick you up when you’re falling down and give you that extra air underneath your wings when things are hard. This is important for all goals, no matter what scale they may be on. Starting a new healthy life, going to the gym, eating out less, build your own business, save money for a house project etc. Having a coach or a friend or a partner that can keep you to your promises is the key to success. Because we can all make promises to ourselves but if you don’t say it out loud it’s easy to just leave them be when it get hard. Do yourself a favour and find yourself an accountability coach. Someone that will make sure you stay on track. Leaving your dreams to faith means they will never come true and instead they will always be at the back of your mind, as a distance reminder of what you once wanted.

I would love to know what you’re dreams are! Share it down below or send me an email. Lastly, you may wonder what I said to the moon that morning but that I’m not going to share because it’s a secret between me and the moon…

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