6 reasons why you won’t reach your golas

Setting new goals for yourself can be very exciting and scary at the same time. I believe it’s healthy to have things to work towards, challanges will take you not only from A to B, but also to where you want to go. Plus the rewarding feeling when you reach the goal is such an amazing feeling. So how to you set yourself up for succeding? Well here is my 6 tips of how to lower you’re chances. If you’re avoiding these simple mistakes, then I’m confident you will smash out your goals.

  1. You can’t remember them

When you set a goal you probably have it all thought out in your head.There is something that triggers the thought process, motivation startsbubbling inside and a plan is slowly appearing in your mind. Then a few monthlater it slowly starts to fade away. 

The biggest mistake you can make is to save your idea like a mental screen shot. The reason for this is that 9/10 times you will forget about it. Mistake number 2 is to write them down in your notebook, which will probably be stored in a drawer somewhere, and you later on forget where you placed it. When you set a goal, you need to write it down and place it somewhere visible. Screen saver on your phone, desktop picture on your computer, big note on your fridge or on your wardrobe doors – or all of these places. A constant reminder will help keep up the motivation so you can take action every day.

2. Not challenging enough

Hand on heart; when you set a goal do you place it within your comfortzone? Most of us don’t want to feel uncomfortable and it’s natural to keep thelevel of challenge to a minimum. Which is a mistake. 

You want your goal to be a bit scary, almost making you question your own sanity. This creates excitement. When there is no excitement, the drive slowly fades and your motivation will go away before you know it. When setting a new goal try to multiply it or shorten the timeframe, now how does that feel? Bit of belly tingling? If not, set the bar even higher! 

3. No clear why

As easy it is to forget your new mission, forgetting why you set it is even more common. And if you can’t remember why you’re striving toward something, then the hard work seems pointless. So, by writing down your why, you will capture the moment that started the spark in the first place. Let it be your northern star, lighting up the way when the darkness feels endless. 

4. Missing roadmap

By now I assume you got your destination set, you got your compass lined up and next question is, how do you get there? Well you need a plan. Having a goal without a plan is like going on a road trip without a map. And getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no petrol will definitely kill the holiday. Get your plan mapped up! Step by step, time frames and check point – all of it. This will help you navigate the process and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

5. No accountability

Keeping a promise is not always easy and especially one that you make to yourself. If no one knows about it than there is no witness when you fail, right? Having a person that can keep you accountable will not only help you stick to your goal, it also means that you have support and motivation thought rough times. Every journey has its ups and down and having someone to turn to in all weather is essential.

6. A race without a finish line

You put all the hard work, sweat and tears into your new challenge and when the finish line is finally reached, the feeling is thrilling. A few minutes of happiness and then what? Letting it go and time to move on? No, it’s time to cherish the moment! Enjoy it, let it sink in and celebrate it. Either a simple thing by spoiling yourself with something extra or get together with friends and go big. You’ve done such a great job and it shouldn’t be ignored. Maybe even have your celebration prize planned out at the beginning as an extra drive to complete the goal.

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