Trust Your Intuition

Listening to your own intuition is not always easy. Trusting your own beliefs when everyone else is saying the opposite creates lots of self-doubt. We tend to listen more to others’ opinions than our own. We need to learn how to tune in and follow our gut feeling more often. It’s there for a reason! At the same time, I do believe it’s healthy to take on board what others may say as well to get a different perspective, as long as you remember your own core values in the process.

When receiving others’ perspective, you can use the information to build a pros & cons list which is a perfect tool if you’re in doubt. Write down a few things on both sides and make up your mind from there.

Believing in yourself takes practice and a bit of courage. It’s not a skill you will master overnight but one that I do think you should invest your time in. I personally struggle with this way too often. It’s very important for me to hear everyone’s thoughts before I make a decision. I might not always go for the advice I’ve been given but I want to get a broader view before I make up my mind.

My 8 tips for tuning into your intuition:

Travel to a new place. Leaving your comfort zone and discovering something new is great for learning more about yourself. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve done for my personal development.

Learn to see the lesson in the outcome, whether if it’s positive or negative. There is always something to take away from a situation and remember life happens for us, not to us.

Read self-development books and listen to podcasts. Both great for learning more about yourself, and being more sure who you are will help you be more confident about your decisions.

Practice meditation and Yoga. These practices are made for learning how to live in the present.

Spend time with yourself. Learn how to be comfortable doing things by yourself – a bit of alone time is very healthy. For example walk trough a park without your headphones in, grab a coffee at your favourite shop, go shopping or watch a movie at the cinema.

Identify your core beliefs and values. This isn’t something you figure out in a minute so I recommend you to really take your time. Write down how you ‘think’ about yourself, write down your feelings about the big things in your life, and go from there.

Tune in to yourself. These days we are so occupied with the next step, searching for the new thing and constantly interacting with our surroundings.

Trust yourself more, trust that you hold the answer. If you feel at home with yourself, it’s easier to feel safe in your decisions and easier to listen to your intuition.

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