Cauliflower rice with mushrooms

If you are looking for a meal that takes less than 30 seconds, this one is for you! It’s a quick and yummy meal with only one pan needed. Filled with nourishing veggies, herbs and parsley.

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300g cauliflower rice
300g mushrooms
2 cups kale
1 cup leek
2 cloves fresh garlic
20g chopped almonds
2 teaspoons dried parsley
1-2 teaspoons amino acid or soy sauce
Pink salt
Black pepper
Coconut oil (cooking)


1.Put a pan on medium heat and add your cooking oil
2. When the oil has melted add chopped/pressed garlic to the pan. Fry for a minute or so
3. Chop up mushrooms and leek, then place it in the pan. Cook until they got a nice colour
4. Next to add is your chopped kale, cauliflower rice and almonds
5. Spice it up with parsley, amino acid, salt and pepper. Let it all cook together for a few minutes.
6. All done!

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