Lemon & Ginger Cubes

My morning routine has for a very long time involved a pint of warm water. It is the first thing I do when I wake up, it’s one of the no negotiable things. Even if I’m away on holiday or in a rush, I always make sure I start my day with water. If I can’t have it warm, I drink it cold instead, the key is to have something. They say we sweat up to 1 litre fluid at night so starting the day with hydrating yourself is super important. It also helps your gut to wake up and get ready for the first meal. This is the reason why warm water is better in the morning then cold water, it’s not a chock to the system due to the temperature is closer to the one in your gut. When the weather is getting colder I like to add more ginger and lemon into my day. It’s warming for the body and it feels like it enhance the natural detoxification system. It can help to get rid of that ‘toxic feeling’ you get when having a big feast the night before.

However, boiling up ginger and lemon water in the morning isn’t something most of us have time for so instead I got a trick for you. As we know, preparation is the key, and now making your own ginger and lemon tea will for ever be easy. All you need is some spare time in the evening, an ice cube try, a freezer and the right ingredients – simple & easy! All you need to do is to bulk up your freezer with these cubes and in the morning, you had a couple into your hot water.


1 litre water (roughly)
100g fresh ginger
1 lemon


1. Fill up a saucepan with water
2. Before you chop up the ginger in chunky pieces, make sure you either peel it (if it’s not organic) or wash it (if it is organic).
3. Chuck your ginger into the pan with the water and put the lid on.
4. Bring the water to boil and then lower the heat, let it simmer for around 30-40 min. Keep the lid the whole time
5. When the timer goes off, take the pan off the heat and press one whole lemon into the water
6. Let it fully cool down before you poor it into an ice cube try and put it into the freezer. All done!

Tips: You can also match these cubes with a good tea such as camomile or green tea, just make sure you only add 1-2 so the water does go cold.

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