My current relationship with food

Food is so much more than fuel for our bodies nowadays. It can create pleasure, stress, comfort, guilt – all at the same time. Most of us have goals or hopes about how we want our bodies to look, in some way or another. Being surrounded by media that is showing the ‘perfect’ body is creating a lot of pressure for most of us.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my own fitness journey and my relationship with food. Since I was little I have loved food and always had an issue with over indulging. On a regular basis I would ignoring the signals that I’m full, then ending up eating myself into a food coma. This included both the main meal and the snacks that came after.

When I started to count calories I got better controlling my portions but if I ‘failed’ to stick to the plan (issues of being a protectionist) I would be filled with guilt and almost binge instead. Getting the feeling that I can’t do it and ruining it even more for myself. Overlooking my food intake with counting everything I consume lead me to some dark moments but also taught me a lot.

In December last year I decided to stop counting calories. Knowing it was not sustainable and that it truly was time to start listening to my body. Learn to understand when I’m hungry, when I’m full, what my body craves and just eat how we actually are meant to eat. Back to basics. I also wanted to get inspired to cook again and not only making the same meals over and over, only because it’s easier to track on my app.

At the start I felt so good about it, a bit too much maybe because I got very relaxed with what I consumed. I started to care less about eating ’healthy’ and more of those small nibbles of fries, chips, chocolate, toasts etc. started to slink down when it was presented to me. I started to take a big step back away from what I truly believed in. Counting calories helped me to stay ‘clean’ with my diet. Now that I was free from tracking, those occasional side tracks weren’t on any record so it like was they never happened.

When I realised how often those treats were consumed and how far I’d come from focusing on nourish my body, I started to doubt myself. I questioned if I could follow my own beliefs, if I will ever be as healthy and vibrant as I wish for and if I can reach my fitness goals without clear guidance and restrictions. Also, my body changed physically, which was brining me down even more.

Last month I finally noticed a change, things were turning around. I’ve started to ask for the option at the restaurant I know will make my body happier, I bought a pack of crisps and was fully satisfied with just a handful (plus no guilt that I ate them), I eat what I crave for dinner without thinking that it’s too much carbs before bed time. Slowly I’m learning how to listen to my body and coming back to my true beliefs.

It might sounds so easy but I’m sure we all have some kind of issues with how we eat in today’s society. We need to go back to basics. When you’re full, stop eating. When you’re hungry, eat. When you crave something, you’re body simply might just need it. It’s amazing how advanced our systems are and the signals we are getting is not just being sent out for the sake of it, it’s our mind/body tell us what’s actually going on.

It’s time to stop with diets and stop with overthinking how to eat. If you’re extra hungry at breakfast, then have some more. If you’re not hungry at dinner then maybe a smoothie is enough. If you really fancy red meat, boiled eggs, cooked rice – tune in and check, maybe that’s exactly what your body needs right now.

It’s simple really: just focus on food without labels, ideally organic or local produced groceries, less ‘man made’ /processed food and try eat seasonal produce and you will be just fine. I’m still learning, but with practice I’m sure I will nail it eventually, and so will you. My goal is to keep learning about health and wellness, and pass it on, so others can find their way to a happier and healthier lifestyle. That’s my dream for myself, and for everyone else


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