Eat from the season of spring

Finally the snow have start to melt and spring is slowly arriving. I am more than ready for warmer weather, trees and flowers to blossom and all the new ingredients that this season has to offer. There are plenty of reasons why to follow what’s is harvest around the different times of the year, both for your health and supporting our environments. For me personally, I love to clear up my kitchen and let new creation flow.

For your own health, fruit and vegetables are fresher and have a higher nutrient value when the get harvest at the right time. They also tend to be brighter in colour and more vibrant. The nutrient that all these fruit and vegetables are providing us also tend to be the once that we need at that certain time. Best thing about all of this, they will also taste better.

For our environment, food that are in the right season will more likely be produced in the country where you live. This will help supporting local production and local farming. By buying from your own country you will also avoid overseas contaminations. If the goods are transported from a closer source, it will also be cheaper and support your grocery expending’s.

Hopefully this have inspired you to follow the seasons a bit more! Here is a quick list of what to fill up your kitchen with.

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