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Stubbing your toe will cause pain. It’s your body’s way of telling you to be careful and be aware of your limbs. It will teach you to be more cautious. Even if you will probably make the same mistake again, you have taught your nervous system that “if I’m not careful enough I will hit my toe and it will cause pain.” Think about your tummy the same way. When eating something your body is sensitive or intolerant to, your body will let you know in different ways. It can be signs like stomach-ache, bloating, feeling gassy, a change in bowl symphony etc.

We all know the stove is hot and if you touch it, you will burn yourself. But why don’t we pay the same attention and respect to our gut? Eating a small bite of something you know isn’t your stomach’s best friend won’t harm you but imagine you kept stubbing that toe constantly, what would be the side effect?

I know that I need to be more thoughtful with what I eat. When you listen to your body you will slowly learn what will give your tummy happiness or stress. After years of ignoring these signs myself, my tummy is reacting badly to most food. Also a history of being sick a lot as a kid there was plenty of medications and other harmful things that aren’t the kindest to your tummy. Working hard for a body that I’m happy with and then having the problem of looking bloated is far from fun. Feeling heavy, gassy, and tired is equally annoying. That is why I have decided to try to heal my gut. I have been looking into the subject for months and am now ready to start my year focusing on a healthy body, from the inside and out.

They say that your whole body is controlled by your gut and I couldn’t agree more. If you think about that feeling you get when you see someone that you’ve missed, the stabbing pain when you get hurt or that bubbling vibe when you get excited, where does the feeling appear? In your gut! Our gut is like a second brain. We store around 2 kg of bacteria in our stomach and it should be a priority to feed the good ones. There is no doubt that an unhealthy gut will cause health issues more serious than just a stomach-ache.

I am not going to hide the fact that it would be great to try to get my dream body, but this year I want to focus on feeling my best instead. Feeling good from the inside. Being confident that my tummy will be able to handle a few treats and not feeling it for days after. I want to focus this year on healthy and holistic living. From healing my gut to feeling confident with the food I choice to fuel my body.

If you are interested in how I will heal my gut, you will have to wait a few weeks. Due to the fact that I am not an educated professional in this topic, and I only want to give out advice that I truly believe in, you will have to stay tuned until I have tried it myself.

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