My mind set around Christmas

Christmas is coming up quickly and everyone is slowly adding new things to their daily schedule such as Christmas parties, family dinners, present hunting etc. Falling out of your training routine and eating different is normal around this time of the year. Most of us totally forget about any fitness or health goals we might have. Skipping a couple of training sessions can easily lead to a full stop for weeks. During this time we are also surrounded by food. Constant reminders from media and advertisement, dinner parties, smells that brings back childhood memories and your favourite Christmas snack is in every shop. This season can also create a lot of stress, which often leads to unhealthy decisions. Some of us will grab something quick while running around shopping and others might skip a meal. Our social event often involves alcohol, plenty of food, candy and finished off with dessert. It is that time of the year where everything is a little bit hyped and it is so easy to fall out of balance.

I strongly believe that it is so important to enjoy yourself and relax during Christmas. Holidays bring us together and it is a good time for focusing on friends and family. As the foodie that I am, I believe we bond over food. Having a lovely evening with cooking, catching up and generally spending quality time with people you care about is what makes it so special. An important note, having said that, I wonder: where is your line of enjoying yourself and over doing it? No exercising and overindulging is very common. You might be slowly falling out of your healthy wagon until you give up and surrender, like most of us tend to do.

Maybe I sound a bit harsh having said that, but I know that I also fall into bad habits at this time of the year. In the past I would gone all out, beating myself up for it afterwards and then having to start from square one at the New Year. Now I have learned to adapt my approach to these kind of situations and it has helped me to balance it out better. I want to share with you a piece of my mind set and hopefully this will help a little bit if you’re struggling to stay focused.

Keep your goals clear in your mind. Think to yourself how far you’ve come and how hard you have been working to get where you are.

There is nothing wrong with having your favourite Christmas meal or a gingerbread cookie but maybe a couple of pieces is enough. You know what the food taste like, you have had it before and will most likely have it again next year. Listen to your body and your signals when you are full. There is no need to eat until you have to unbutton your pants. We all know how we feel in that situation and how we will feel even the day after. If you don’t have time to go for a training session then maybe go for a walk instead or do a quick full body session in your living room. Try to stay hydrated, which is even more important when consuming less healthy food and drinks. Striving for perfection will most likely trouble you and make a fall even harder. Instead promise yourself that you’ll do the best you can and that in the end you will reach your goal, even with a small side step or two.

Willpower, motivation and self-belief are my key words.

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